Tuesday, 20 March 2018

yeppoon australia rockhampton

Yeppoon is a beautiful coastal town situated on the bank of Queensland seashore above just Capricorn’s Tropic and near about 40km away from Rockhampton. It is also considered as the entryway to the Great Keppel Island  for tourist depart and ferries from Rosslyn Bay, located few miles down coast area between Yeppoon proper and Emu Park.

Few months back we had  visited outskirts of Yeppoon and Lammermoor Beach. LammermoorBeach situated passes through between Byfield and ZilZie.

At Australia everyone will definitely get some strange nude attitude to non-surf beaches, and among Yeppoon is famous and protected by the Great Barrier Reef which begins somewhere in this area of the coast, the Big Waves are not occurs. But the natural scenery and nude attitude of the beaches are enjoyable whether you are coming for family holiday purpose or honeymoon vacation. Thanks to white sands, clam wide and mangrove plants help these beaches to appear more eye-catching and able to provide pollution free environment. Such type of forest in the sea was our first time, before that we haven’t seen such type of beautiful scenery. On the side of sea fishermen stand with their rod, it seemed as they are stand in border to defend their enemy.

One thing we have noticed that rocky promontories used to separate beaches and give look up of volcanic outcrops reddish earth enclosed by local bush. Out travel guider indicate us to head to one of Bluff point for little minute walking time and after short time climbing through eucalyptus and vine forest we finally reached at couple of lookouts. Really the natural scenery of Keppel Bay was gorgeous for us, we seemed that the Great Keppel and other islands appear as horizon. The most interesting moment was for us when we down towards sea we observed many colorful turtles, presumably feeding and swimming in the waves just below us.

Next day evening times we head to Yeppoon village where we found estuary mangroves host hundreds of bats fruit. The bats start to move here and there once the darkness come, get restless. To enjoy this beautiful moment we had waited around three hours.

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