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Top Things to do in Darwin 2018

Darwin is a town that civilization have yet to have sideways. In him and still alive ancient traditions of Australian aborigines. This city is called “the most drinkers” in Australia. Darwin’s population are more than 50 ethnic groups.

In addition, very often as guests come here numerous travelers and tourists from Asia. This place is considered the most favorable for making various excursions to the most beautiful historic sites and national parks. Darwin was founded in 1869 with only the third attempt.

It was originally named Palmerstounom and had a view of the military garrison. The city had to protect more uninhabited land north of the Dutch and French colonization. His fate was linked with the construction of the transcontinental telegraph line and the opening of the Pine Creek (Pine Creek) gold deposits.

In 1911, the city was named after the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. After World won Darwin managed to break its isolation from the outside world. This was facilitated by numerous American and Australian military bases that were on its territory. There is also a paved concrete road, reaching to the w / d fabric Alice Springr, resulting in the unification of the city with the surrounding mainland.

Darwin had been two times on the verge of destruction. During the Second World War, the Japanese 58 times dropping bombs on military garrisons located in the city. In 1974, on Christmas night, Darwin almost razed to the ground because of what was in the center of the cyclone “Tracy.”

As a result of this natural disaster completely destroyed the historic look of the city, as a large number of old buildings were destroyed. The city was restored only after 3 years. Today in Darwin are shopping centers, casinos and tourist services. The main occupation of the inhabitants of the city – cattle. A huge deposits of uranium, which are located in the Northern Territory, help support the economy.

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and the main port city of northern Australia. It is to the Darwin port converge all roads in the country. Through it, is the transport of goods and materials from all over Australia overseas in other countries.

Cruised the seas of South East Asia, most cruise ships will certainly come to this port. This is easily explained: Darwin is the perfect place to get acquainted with the wild beauty of the country. Also, in a short time can be found with all the attractions of the city. Take a walk through the streets of the city.

In Crocodile Park McMillan Street you can watch from the observation deck of the world’s largest life reptiles or watch shows with animals from a nursery. Doctors Gully in the street you will have the opportunity to hand-feed the amazing fish.

And the Darwin Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territories exhibited beautiful paintings of famous artists of South-East Asia, the Australian Aborigines, and the subjects of life and ancient archaeological finds.

In the north-east of the city is built marina Cullen. In its territory for the convenience of guests there are many restaurants and shopping centers. In addition, each is given the opportunity to engage in some water sports. Nightlife lovers recommend visiting a luxury four-Hotel Casino MGM Grand, which is literally immersed in tropical gardens.

It has full range of services for relaxation or entertainment. The casino is open daily until 3:00 am. Every year millions of tourists visit Darwin. This is largely due to the unique national parks, affecting even the most discerning travelers indescribable beauty of the wild Australian nature.

The most famous of them is the Kakadu National Park. Nature lovers come here from all over the world. Are in control of the Australian Aborigines, it is preserved in its original form. It is a real sanctuary. Nothing had changed in him since that time, when living on the mainland exclusively indigenous.

His huge waterfalls and rivers teeming with crocodiles on the lake a flock of birds build nests. Remain there untouched ancient mountains with rock paintings As in ancient times, is home to wild dogs Dingo and different kinds of kangaroos. A huge termite nests, eucalyptus bush land and scarlet impress any seasoned traveler. Tourist route through the national park includes a walk to the cliff Nolandzhi.

According to ancient Aboriginal rock paintings you get an idea of ​​the culture of the indigenous people of Australia, its customs and rituals. In the park each presented a great opportunity to observe the animals and birds in their natural habitat. After that, you will cruise on the Yellow Waters, during which all the guests a delicious dinner. Traditionally, the last point of the route – Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Here you’ll learn about the traditions of Aboriginal people, and you can also buy some souvenirs.
Litchfield National Park – one of the most beautiful places in the Northern Territory. Here you can relax a little and take a dip in the small pool or lake formed by numerous waterfalls.

You will also be provided for a walk along palm groves and rainforest. Any tourist to tour the surrounding Darwin, convinced of the uniqueness of Australian nature.

Only on 80 kilometers north of Bathurst Island and are Melvil. For millennia, they were home to the Tiwi Aborigines. A tour of the island, you will be introduced to the history, culture and life of this small nation. Numerous benches brought to your attention the many souvenirs, made Aboriginal manually.

Also about the culture of the Australian natives can be found by visiting the peninsula Kuborg. Guests can go fishing in the local coastal waters and visit the bay of the “Seven Spirits”, which is a unique wildlife sanctuary. The bird lovers recommend besides Kakadu tour the Fogg Dam Nature Park, located at 69 kilometers east of Darwin.

The park is located in the wetland and marked a lot of different kinds of birds. Most of the tourists are delighted with River Cruise Adelaide. This broad deep river is home to world-renowned jumping crocodiles. During the trip down the river you will be inspired by this beautiful untouched wilderness in the Northern Territory of Australia.

A hovering just above human heads large birds of prey and jumping out of the water insidious scary reptiles are staggering.
Also in Darwin, as well as throughout the country, held a lot of events and festivals. Celebrated annually on many Aboriginal festivals that are definitely worth a look! Previously, these festivals takes place in closed their territory, but now allowed to attend to all. Consider some of the most interesting events.

Tiwi Grand Final is an annual sporting event. Place – the island of Bathurst. This celebration is the culmination of the Australian football season between Aboriginal Area Top End. Look at this magnificent sight fly people from all over the world.

Unusual festival is held in mid-July. This Beer Can Regatta. The festival takes place near the beach and is the Mindil race floating means, entirely made of aluminum beer cans!

Every year in August in the north-east Arnhem Land held Garma Festival. The four-day event dedicated to the culture Volgnu. The festival includes the lessons of survival in primitive conditions, scientific congress representation. If you hear the whip whip, then pass the famous team competition in rodeo.

Darwin Rodeo held in August, and every year for it attracts teams from all over the world. Also in August, is the famous Festival of Darwin. This two-week event is held in the open air and is dedicated to the unique cultural diversity of the city.

Most precipitation falls here in the summer rain. The amplitude of the low temperatures in comparison with the more southern parts of Ayers Rock and Alice Springs due to softening effect of the ocean. Throughout the year, daily temperature is 30-33C. In June and July in Darwin comes tropical winter.
During this time, the temperature can drop to 19C, but these cases are rare. Usually in December, and in July the temperature does not drop below 25C. Tropical winter – May to October – the best time to visit Denver. It is not recommended to travel in November.

Extremely unfavorable monsoon season – it is characterized by a very high temperature and humidity, the rain is falling this month, quite a bit.
The main airport in the north of Australia is Darwin airport. Darwin’s relationship with key major cities in Australia – allows convenient dock domestic flights with international. The most popular route is the road Darwin-Broome, it is 1676 km, and it can be overcome in the course of three days.

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