Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Best Things To Do In Timaru

A popular stopping point for tourists, the town of Timaru is located on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island between the cities of Dunedin and Christchurch.  The town is one of the largest ports on this part of the country’s coast, and has a distinctly different terrain to that of the nearby Canterbury Plains, as it is situated on the former lava flows of the dormant volcano Mount Horrible.  Today the town is mainly an agricultural center and shipping port, meaning that it doesn’t have the amount of tourist development seen in many areas, but is still a pleasant place to spend a little time.

The town is also popular as a base from which to explore the surrounding countryside, with hunting and fishing being activities that are enjoyed by many visitors and residents alike.

Visit The Te Ana Maori Rock Art Site
Located in the terrain surrounding the town of Timaru there are several sites where the tribesmen of Maori tribes have left art on the rocks that have helped to make the town a center for Maori rock art.  It is believed that these artworks were left by the people of the Ngai Tahu Whanui, which was one of the most widespread tribes on the South Island, and could be up to seven hundred years old.  Today the best way to see the art is to take a tour with one of the guides from the Te Ana Ngai Tahu Maori Rock Art center, with guides drawn from the tribes that used to live in this part of the country that help to bring the art to life.

Explore Caroline Bay
Caroline Bay is one of the most attractive seaside areas of Timaru, and is a long crescent beach that is particularly popular for swimming, because it does enjoy relatively warm temperatures and safe sea conditions during the summer.  There is also a park for younger visitors, while the hike along the coast takes visitors past the Benevenue Cliffs to the Dashing Rocks.  One of the most popular times of year to visit Caroline Bay is during the summer season between Christmas and New Year, when the annual carnival takes place on the site.

See The Aigantighe Art Gallery
This art gallery is noted for being the third largest in the whole of the South Island, and is located in a large building in the center of the town, which has been expanded to provide an attractive display space.  The art on display here ranges from the sixteenth century up until the present day, and features work from a combination of prominent local artists and significant artists from around the world.  One of the most interesting displays within the museum is in the British Victorian Art collection, while also providing a showcase for the work of Timaru’s foremost artist, Colin McCahon.

Take A Tour Of The DB Brewery
Although it is primarily an industrial site, the DB Draught Brewery in Timaru is where one of the most popular beers in New Zealand is produced, and a tour is a good way to see how the beer is produced before taking a taste of the latest batch.  While many breweries in the country do stick to producing beer in a traditional way, the DB Brewery has embraced technology and is one of the most advanced breweries in the country.  Visitors to the site will be able to see the large tanks where the beer is made, and the machinery that helps to move this beer into the bottles and then transfers the bottles into the crates.  While it may lack the romance of making beer in the old fashioned way, it is certainly an impressive feat of engineering.

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