Sunday, 4 March 2018

A visit to the adelaide zoo

Adelaide Zoo, the second oldest & largest zoo of Australia is situated in Parklands, a region situated north part of Adelaide’s city center. Also the zoo is the single metropolitan zoo made by Australia. The development and maintains of Adelaide Zoo is done by a non-profit organization and ZZA & WAZA like institutional member of famous organizations.

What explorers can expect in Adelaide Zoo? The south Adelaide Australian zoo is land of 300 foreign and native species and homes above 1,800 animals in its location. Recently most tourist likely to visit in South East Asia exhibit of Adelaide zoo. The thrilling exhibit of the zoo called as ‘Immersion’. Tourists will get chance to walk across the forest and can able to watch closer different animals for instance Sumatran Tigers and Orangutans, etc.

In 23d of May, 1883, the zoo was opened for public access. The zoo has covered around 6.5 hectares or 16 acres and later it extended up to 20 acres. Re Minchin was the administrator of Adelaide zoo up to 1983. Later his son Adorned continued his father post. In mid of 20th century, Adelaidezoo was very famous for different living birds. Around 99% Australian native avian species were living in this zoo. The finches and parrots were very common living bird species but sadly such exhibits recently have been stopped due to conservation the Australian native birds.
Australian Pelican in Adelaide Zoo
Visitors can capable to see all types of animal species in this zoo. Here we have discussed some exciting animal species that see every time like spotted grass frogs, poison arrow frogs and tree frogs. The few thrilling species reptiles considered as most visited species in Adelaide zoo such as blood python, Murray River Turtles, American alligator, Aldabra tortoise, green anaconda, Hosmer’s skink and blue-tongue lizards. The flying birds like superb lyrebird, palm cockatoo, long-billed corellas, Mandarin Duck, Hooded plover, Australorp chicken, Chilean flamingo and Australian Pelican. The Adelaidezoo is also home of some exciting mammal species like red panda, sea lion, guinea pig, cow kangaroo, hippopotamus, giant panda, ferret, fennec fox, African lion, koala, etc

The entry fees for family with two adults and 2 to 3 children would be $85. $31 for individual above 15 years while children between age 4 to 14 will pay $18

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