Sunday, 25 February 2018

Unusual things to do in Melbourne

Being the world’s most liveable city is not the sole accolade in Melbourne’s coffers as it is replete with delicious melange of multiculturalism, Victorian era buildings and state of the art architecture. But the city is not content with these achievements instead the capital of Victoria leaves no stone unturned to outperform its rival Sydney in every sphere. And it is what that makes it one of the most dynamic cities in Australia. This ever ravenous beauty is showered by gushing praise from wanderers who often hop flights to Melbourne to explore this destination where every experience is over the top. But if you are not ready to tread the beaten path and want to explore something new and unusual then city invites you to come and explore its exoticness.

Laneway learning:
On a spree to experiment with offbeat things; Laneway Learning could be a good option. Those interested, can take weekday evenings classes at The Little Mule cafe and Ferdydurke situated in the heart of the city. And the range of classes is beyond the imagination of even a skilled academician. How could you imagine that you will be given a class on beekeeping?

Jump for joy
Want to be a kid for a while and get pampered? Then head for indoor trampoline centre: where jumping appears a most important activity. The whole experience is ecstatic and transports you to childhood. It could be a jumpstart for your unusual trip.

Herring Island
Very few places on the earth have an island in the midst of the city but it is what makes Melbourne extraordinary. Herring Island ideally situated in the midst of the Yarra River could be reached on a boat. Sculpture park and barbecue facilities are major draw cards here. Melbourne Water Taxis and Melbourne Ferry Cruises provide you an easy access to the island.

Indoor skiing
if you’ve interest in skiing and it’s off season for skiing, don’t get disappointed as you can enjoy indoor skiing at SkiCity, an indoor skiing centre. So get ready for an experience, albeit of different kind.  The experience could be stepping stone for real skiing experiences.

Get your wine bottles recorked
The wine enthusiasts are sure to gets an exhilarating experience. Once every two years those with a collection of wine take their Penfolds bottles for a free recorking at Penfolds. The whole process of recorking is worth watching.
With several unusual things to do and explore your Melbourne trip is not going to be a been-there-done- that experience. Fly to Melbourne and explore this city in a new light.

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